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Men's Integrated Leadership Retreat

Lead your life with Clarity, Confidence, and Courage.

May 4-9, 2023
Austin, TX

Brother, I see you because I am you.

This Retreat is for men like you that are putting the effort in. Those who have read the books,  taken the courses, and done a lot of personal growth work but still feel like something is missing. Maybe most of your life seems pretty good, you've achieved some of your goals, but you're still not fully satisfied with your life. You have big aspirations and dreams, are working hard, but something hasn't quite clicked yet.

I was you. I spent much of my adult life "forcing" my way to my goals, leaving me depleted, burnt out, yet still not fulfilled. Then I spent the next chapter in flow, "surrendering" and waiting for life to happen. I found inner peace and joy, but lost the structure that brought me so much material success. I was not living my purpose, was running out of money, and not working towards important goals in my life.  When I learned how to integrate both, I built a completely aligned, fulfilled life

Living in Purpose, taking radical responsibility, full of energy and vitality, nourishing relationships and supportive community, a life of adventure, health, wealth, and peace of mind.

If you are a man feeling the call..

  • to release the boyish behaviors and embody a deeper level of the mature masculine

  • to shed the last limiting beliefs holding you back

  • tired of living a surface life, and ready to go deep

  • desiring more clarity in important life decisions

  • to build confidence and take action on the most important purpose in your life.

  • to stop waiting for permission and claim the life you desire

  • to lead your life , your business, your partner and your family courageously from your truth

  • to be a part of a committed brotherhood of men walking the walk, not just talking the talk

  • and ready to be sharpened and forged into the best man you can be


You are welcome here brother.

This retreat is about integrating all of the knowledge and wisdom you've gained so far and turn it into aligned, effective action. The foundation of learning at this is a simple, clear 3-step Integrated Leadership process to uncover clarity about what you truly want, build the confidence to pursue it, and forge the courage to make it happen.

This retreat is not about theory, or just another gathering of good men doing breathwork and taking ice baths. Those experiences are great, and can be incredibly healing. Yes, you will experience brotherhood at this retreat, and even more. You will leave with both the energy and the practical action to bring into your life for instantaneous integration and change.


This program is also ideal for anyone who wants to take a more holistic approach to life, not just focus on one area but rather see the interconnectedness of all aspects of their life. I have used this model for myself and for my clients to improve physical health, finances and career, relationships, or mindset. Together, we will apply the 3-Step "3C's Integrated Leadership Model" to bring all of these elements into alignment and create a life that truly reflects your values and desires...fully Integrated leadership.

Why most men aren't living at their fullest yet


they don't know exactly what they want.

They have vague goals or aspirations, but they don't have a crystal clear understanding of what they truly desire.


Even before the retreat starts, we will peal away layers to reach absolute Clarity in what your mission is. You will leave this retreat with your own personal "North Star Purpose" for this season of your life.


they don't believe they can or deserve it.

They are held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs, preventing them from taking action towards their goals.

In days 1 & 2, we will cast of fears and doubts into the fire, and embody a deep belief and knowing in ourselves. I have used this proven process with over 300 clients to shift limiting beliefs at the deepest level.


they don't have a plan.

Even if they have a general idea of what they want, they don't have a clear roadmap to get there.

By day 4 of this retreat, you will have a clear roadmap to achieving the most important goals in your life, and will be taking sacred action towards them before you even leave the retreat. This builds instant confidence through simplicity and a plan you actually trust.


they get distracted.

They get sidetracked by life's distractions, see someone else and think they need to change things up, or abandon their plan because they think they need a new one.

This system worked for me and it works for everyone I have taught it to because, it is "Set it and forget it". Like a racehorse we know the finish line, and we put blinders on for three months and focus on our "one thing." This is how we guarantee success.


they rely on others for accountability.

Without a system in place to hold themselves accountable, their goals become just that - wishes and hopes.

I will show you how my clients develop courage in their lives through daily self-accountability, persistent action, and acknowledging success.

What Men say about this retreat

About the Retreat

The Integrated Leadership Retreat is an intensive, immersive experience of various healing modalities, embodiment practices, and ceremonies, combined with a structured program and tangible teaching around how we show up in the world as men and in our Masculinity. You get the support you need, the brotherhood you desire, and your unique roadmap to your best life.

Chris will be teaching a 3 Phase system called “Integrated Leadership” to lead your life with more Clarity, Confidence and Courage. A culmination of 15 years of coaching and development work in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, designed to unlock the three key phases of growth in your journey...and uncover where and why you have gotten stuck in the past, how to identify future roadblocks and use appropriate tools and practices at each stage.


Topics will Include:

  • Integrated Leadership: Use the gifts of the Masculine and Feminine

  • The Power of Masculine Embodiment Practice

  • The Value of Masculine Archetypes

  • Stepping into the Mature Masculine: A rite-of-passage

  • Being a Warrior King: Embodying fierce love

  • Lead your family: How to be a grounded, present partner and father

  • Clarity and action on your Purpose

  • Big Tree Leadership: Deep roots, strong trunk, open branches

  • Living in Meticulous Integrity

  • Creating a Life-Changing Daily Practice “Your One Thing”

  • The art of "Sacred Action"


What you will get

  • Private Chef-prepared meals, with highest quality, local meat and farm-to-table ingredients

  • Shared room lodging (private room may be available upon request for an additional cost)

  • Guest Facilitator sessions

  • Two guided ceremonies

  • Self-Guided Intention Setting Course

  • Materials, worksheets, and supplemental video trainings

  • Upon completion of Intention Course, a 1:1 Call is scheduled to solidify intention, answer any questions around the ceremonies, and ensure safe preparation.

  • 1:1 Post-retreat Integration call with Chris

  • 1 Group Pre-Retret Call

  • 1 Group Post-Retret Integration and Next-Steps Call

  • Execution system software and accountability group

20 committed men,  5 days and 5 nights. 

*This is an invite only event. Please apply and book a call with me to determine if this retreat is a good fit for you at this time.

How much time and energy will this retreat require?

I have done other retreats and coaching programs, how is this different?

Is this a bunch of guys hanging out, doing breathwork, taking ice baths?

Life is crazy busy right now, I have commitments that week, should I wait until things slow down?

I know I don't execute or follow through, what will be different this time?

Alright, this is for me. How much does it cost?

While the retreat is 5 Days long, your journey begins as soon as you enroll. You will receive self-guided pre-retreat coursework to familiarize yourself with the process and to set intentions. Expect to spend about 6-8 hours in total in the weeks and months leading up to the retreat. We also include a 1:1 intention call, and a group meeting and Q&A call before the retreat. During the retreat, expect to be disconnected from technology and the outside world for 4 of the 5 days. If you need to connect or check in with loved ones at home, that is completely acceptable. After the retreat, expect to spend a minimum of one hour per week, and around 10 minutes per day for your most important actions and affirmations.

This is an integrated experience, where you will leave this retreat already embodying the energy required and doing the practical action to bring instantaneous integration and change into your life.

Being a facilitator and participant of over 25 retreats and events, I did not think this was possible...until the Integrated Leader Retreat. Don't take my word for it, listen above to what the men who have attended said about this experience and why it was different.

This retreat is NOT a glorified gathering. Those experiences are fun, and can be incredibly healing. Yes, you will experience brotherhood at this retreat, and much more. Coming to this retreat, you will face and overcome your fears, heal generational patterns, discover the truth of who you are, and step into the man you know you can be. Humbly, this retreat will be a peak life experience, and it will also change your life in a very tangible way using a very clear and simple system...Results. Again, don't take my word for it, listen above to what the men who have attended said about this experience and why it was different.

When do things "slow down?" Coming from someone that slept 3-4 hours a night, worked 80-100, and trained 20-30 hours for almost ten years...if you think you cannot make time for something you know you want to is the best time to make it work.

This retreat will bring you face to face with the way you have been living in your ego and treating yourself. Your ego doesn't want to lose his job and will come up with any excuse in the book to not change. I know this because I did it for over a decade. I will not give anyone advice on how to run their life, and if you are tired of putting off the life you want until tomorrow, now is the best time.

A clear, simple system. You will leave the retreat knowing EXACTLY the actions to do in your life to create what you want to create...and will have already started the momentum.


You will also learn the "secret" to motivation, disciple, and confidence isn't actually a secret or is a skill you will learn and hone. Then you will be supported while you step into that level of responsibility. After that, this retreat is for men who are 100% ready to step into being a mature masculine leader, and that requires your willingness to choose.

First, I acknowledge you for knowing what you want and choosing decisively. This quality is a major one that exemplifies mature leadership. When you apply and book a call, I will share various options on how we can make it possible for you to attend. While this retreat may seem like a big investment for some, if you can stretch to allocate as little as $500 a month, you can certainly attend. Even if you don't think you can, I encourage you to book a clarity call with me.


I have taught personal finance to hundreds of clients and can help anyone in shifting their relationship to money to be able to choose to invest in things that are important to them, even if it is not this retreat. Finances are one of the Four Pillars of Integrated Leadership we will dive deeply into at the retreat. 

Again, I will never give any man advice on how to run their life or spend their time and money, but I will shatter your beliefs around it so you can be finally financially free to live the life you want. Seven years ago, I was a millionaire. Five years ago I was over $600,000 in debt from a very poor  business investment when I spent significantly more than this retreat on a coach. In three years, I was completely debt free and building wealth again. This path is not linear, but it does require you to abandon what you think you know to say yes to the life you desire. Book a call and I will show you how.

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