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My Story

I was raised on "hard work, is the only way to get ahead." While I learned the lesson of working hard, I also burnt myself out, beat up my body, neglected any real relationships, and lived in constant stress, worry, and fear. This fear drove me to achieve plenty of goals in my life. But eventually the toll would be paid for living in an unsustainable way...culminating with a brain injury where the capillaries in my brain exploded. For seven months with a constant headache, I could barely think, let alone work. I couldn't raise my heart rate above resting or the headache would intensify. I lived in fear that they would burst again and I could die at any moment. This was my turning point where I vowed "never again" and I set out to find out what kind of life I truly wanted to lead. I learned from world-class coaches, healers, and mentors along the way and developed a system of systematic transformation, I call, "Integrated Leadership."

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