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Chris Marhefka

Leading Men to more Clarity, Confidence, and Courage


About Chris

Chris is a Master Coach, a worldwide retreat facilitator, Host of the Fully Expressed Podcast, and Speaker. He is authoring an upcoming book titled, "Integrated Leadership", where he shares the simple 3 Step Process he created and how applying it has had enormous impact in his life and his clients' lives. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, has grown and exited three six and seven-figure companies and was formally the Host of the network TV show, "Altar'd".

Chris utilizes thousands of hours of experience in emotional healing, trauma facilitation, somatics, breathwork, masculine embodiment, relationship and communication coaching, men’s development, business, entreprenuership and leadership mentoring. He has worked with over 2000 clients in physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual development.

Work With Chris

Whether Online or In-person, Group or Individual,

discover the best option that suites your needs.


Experience the deep healing and life-changing growth In-person. See the Events Tab for all upcoming opportunities.


Live life with more purpose, fulfillment, joy and vitality. We take inventory together and systematically resolve your deepest challenges with a proprietary 3-Step Process.


Lead your life with more Clarity, Confidence, and Courage.

Book and Course

Coming Soon: April 2023

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Austin, TX


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