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Self-Permission Training

The simple practice I used break the habit of waiting for decisions, permission or answers from others and to lead from my authentic truth.

Thank you for watching the Self-Permission training.


After completing this one hour training and permission rite-of-passage you will feel energized and ready to take action.  The best time to act on that clarity is NOW.  The final step in this traing is to go and do it, feel it, be it!


Do this practice anytime you find yourself...

  • Waiting for others to make decisions for you.

  • Waiting to be invited, or be given permission.

  • Are not acting on your intuition.

  • Feeling stuck in any emotion.

If you want support, to gain clarity in something in your life, or to learn more about upcoming men's leadership retreats and programs, book a free Clarity Call with me below.


In humble service,


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